You belong

I’ve been devouring songs this week, swallowing them whole, letting them course through my veins and radiate from my fingertips. They’ve been a solace in a week I think we can all agree has been truly terrible. The massacre in Las Vegas was horrific. The unimaginable happened and maybe hit particularly hard (for an event […]

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Moon after moon

The world has been intruding in a million different ways and I seem to have stopped writing, but I’m still thinking about songs, maybe more than ever. When everything is going to hell, a new song is a new world to conquer. Learning it forces you to get your head in order, to hang onto […]

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I work at home most Fridays and in our new apartment, I look forward to the soundscape. Sitting in bed with my laptop and my second cup of coffee, I listen: spring birds, purposeful footsteps heading down the sidewalk toward the subway station a couple of blocks away, school busses pulling up to the stop […]

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Now is the cool of the day

John Hiatt is not a musician I know as much about as I probably should. I don’t think I could name you one of his songs without looking, though I’ve heard plenty. And this is strange, because he plays with people I love – Lyle Lovett, Ry Cooder. He grew up a few blocks from […]

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Yesterday, my husband handed me an article by New Yorker staff writer Vinson Cunningham on his love for Motown and Holland–Dozier–Holland (H–D–H). This passage jumped out at me: H-D-H always wrote and arranged the music first, and even without lyrics their compositions speak of romance that is wrenching and helpless, though not always sexual. There’s […]

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The Sam Phillips Project

I don’t remember why I started listening to so much Sam Phillips.  I was working on an article a year or two ago on music on the TV show Gilmore Girls, so that might be what started it, but I’ve been a fan since the late 1980s when she released The Indescribable Wow.  “Holding on to […]

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